Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paleo chill

Is it cold in here or is it just me? 

Hi! I'm Mari :D I'm 25 years young and way excited to start this blog. So what will I be talking about? PALEO! + MY LIFE! + Everything in between

Let me start with a little background info about me...

       I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 3 years ago. When I first found out and was having just horrible side effects I took it all as a joke. I didn't care about it...I ate whatever the hell I wanted, drank till my liver cried, and smoked cigarettes like they weren't killing me. About a year after all of this I ended up in the hospital because my hemoglobin level was at 5.4. (should be at 12-13) I was losing so much blood that I was basically a zombie. I had no color, no energy, no real feelings...

      I couldn't find an iron that I wasn't allergic to so I was just continuing to lose blood and getting sicker and sicker. I ended up in the hospital one more time after for another couple bags of blood and that still didn't shake me. 

I've gone through a few periods of time through the last 3 years where I was so excited about getting healthy...
                   EVERYDAY FOR EVERY MEAL!"

And then I failed. Each and every time I would exclaim these great excited plans I had. They ended just as soon as I got the word out there. 

I tried eating Paleo about 2 years ago. I liked it a lot but I just wasn't ready to make that big of a commitment. I'm addicted to shitty food. Straight up addicted. And then it happened...

I don't remember why I thought of trying again but I did. One day I just made the decison that I would start eating Paleo. I had "the last day" meals and Sunday the 8th I started. I did a 180. I stopped thinking about the shitty food and started thinking about my health. 

I know...I know... it's only been 19 days. But in the past 19 days I haven't had one urge to cheat. I have high hopes for myself this time. I feel really good. When I eat I never get that feeling of I'm gonna puke right now if I stand up or talk. I always feel satisfied and not crazy full. 

AND!! - very little blood from the  bum! (humor = less gross) I usually have quit a bit of blood from my bum and it has significantly reduced. AND I am having regular bm's.... poop. Something else I don't usually have.

 I've already dropped 5 lbs and inches all around. I'm never bloated. And I know that I'm going to continue this for the rest of my life. I've made the decision to change and I'm not going back. 

So... this is what I'm gonna do! I'm gonna blog about my life, about my recipes, about paleo! I'm excited and I think this will also help keep me in line. The next post I do is going to be about my new favorite thing......

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